Top 10 Flirting Ideas that will Never Fail

Flirting Tips

Flirting is considered as one of the most lighthearted and interesting things to do without even going for too strong. As no one is born to be a flirt but develops an attitude with the time to impress anyone or at any time with they mostly attracted towards.

Flirting with someone is an indirect way to tell them that they are exciting and appealing without actually taking it for too long but who knows it can also turn down in the lifetime commitment. Anyway, let’s make it simple and grab all such ideas to make you stand out from others and be limelight in the room.

  1. Carry self-confidence

The best asset you can have while approaching someone is to carry self-confidence with you.

If you have the appropriate confidence in yourself, you can go with the flow easily. So, be confident to say hello and introduce yourself as not everyone is confident enough to approach the person they like. It is also ok to be lesser confident until you sound to be negative.

One more thing to keep in mind is that while being a confident person don’t go out of the flow and cross that thin line thus ending up to be someone who is annoying.

2. Speak with your eyes

Before even approaching the person, the first step to show interest in someone is to speak with your eyes as it is the soul of flirting. Making eye contact with that very particular person will directly tell your intention for them and also their interest in you.

So, the next time you are ready to approach someone, make sure to grab them with your eyes and pupils first. However, don’t make eye contact for longer than two or four seconds as it may appear to be creepy.

Speak it with the eyes
Speak it with the eyes

3. Smile when required

To spice up the eye contact, give a sweet and simple smile just to make them sure that you are really interested in them. Your smile can be shy, confident, mysterious or any other type. Be the one to the smile first and see the reaction from the other side.

Try to change the way of the smile if the person is not responding positively or else carry on with the old one if they like it. Find out what works perfectly with that very particular situation and impress that person.  

4. Be the first one to approach

I know it takes courage to approach someone when you are a little shy type, but no battle is ever won without even trying. So, push yourself a little and approach that attractive person by introducing yourself and be polite and respectful later on.

One thing to remember is that the person might reject your approach or may move away, but you don’t have to dishearten yourself with that.

There might also be the chances that they might just have a bad day or in the middle of something else. So, don’t get offended as it will close the chances of impressing that person in future.

5. Be a good listener

One of the biggest mistakes a person do while impressing someone is to speak more and listen less to the one they want to impress. Don’t do that and give a break while asking any question to them. Just listen to them attentively as it can make the conversation go long and they will feel special and significant for you.

Make sure to give shorter one or two words replies like ok or fine while listening to them thus giving an impression like you are really interested to know them more.

Better listener
Better listener

6. Give genuine compliments

Everyone likes to be praised and so does the person you want to approach. So, giving them compliments is one of the safer sides you can opt while approaching someone.

But your Compliments should be genuine and hit the present situation like when you are at any party, the compliments go well while appreciating the person’s dressing or any accessories carried.

The important thing to keep in mind that your compliment should be different and have a surprise element. You can pick up anything from the previous conversation like I overheard you were talking about travelling, I do like that place.

7. Start conversation

After you are done with not more than one or two compliments, sweep it with the conversations like talking about the decor, people, surroundings and anything that happened in that place recently.

Try to understand what they are saying as it will sprout some more doubts in you and you will ask more and more questions thus landing up to know more about the person. Besides, instead of waiting to go home and open up more in the chatting, try to open up yourself with face to face conversation as it sounds more genuine.

8. Support with humour

When you are confused with stretching the conversation more, try to take the support of something humorous or with positive sarcasm.

It will help you in two ways- one the conversation can go for longer without much of your efforts and secondly, the person will be surely be tilted towards you. The conditions are that they will think about it later too.

However, likewise the compliments, the humour should also sound meaningful or genuine otherwise your aircraft of flirt might crash there itself.

9. Just be yourself

No matter if you can impress the person or not, but be yourself as you are more important to yourself than to anyone. Try your best and at the same time be calm and relaxed as the right person will fit with you and share the common interest.

It’s ok if the person appeared to be attractive first and later on found out to be lesser compatible. You still have many more chances to find the right one. The most important thing is not to lose yourself while finding someone else.

10. Wrap it up

Yes, it sounds little weird, but it’s ok to wrap up the flirt if you aren’t finding it going well or the next person is not responding positively, but the way should be polite. You can say, “It’s nice meeting you. I have to meet someone else” or “I’ve got to get going.”

Wrapping up at the right time doesn’t create the awkward situation between both of you, and you can avoid any embarrassment while walking away with pride.  

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