10 Weird Traditions that will Shock you

Weird Traditions

The world is gearing up for the unstoppable advancement in science and technology, but still, there are many traditions practiced which are reversing all the facts and figures of the science.

From consuming the dead remains, blackening the bride and groom to presenting buffet before the monkey, the world is still stuck with so many weird traditions that will surprise you surely. Let’s take a look of some of those now.

1.Monkey Buffet Festival

The Monkey Buffet Festival is celebrated in thousands of macaques in Lopburi, Thailand.

It started with the performance of the dancers in the monkey costumes, and when the monkey arrives, Buffet consisting of more than 3000 kg of fruits and vegetables are opened up for the special guest of honor.

The buffet is filled on the towering pyramids including varieties of foodstuffs like pineapple, watermelon, lettuce and more in the number of tons. It is thought to bring luck and prosperity to the people as a monkey are worshipped in the form of God.

2. Consuming the dead’s ash

To get separated from your loved ones after they passed away is one of the most painful things for anyone but nobody would have thought of eating their ashes in their wildest dream. This is exactly followed in some parts of Brazil and Venezuela.

The yonamamo tribe of Brazil and Venezuela countries have the tradition of not allowing any physical trace of the dead person to be left in order to rest their spirit in peace. So, the body is burned and its remains are served to their respective family members.

consuming dead custom
consuming dead custom

3. Tooth filling

While many of us prepare for our costumes or nails on our wedding day, Indonesian youth have the tradition to undergo for the tooth filling. It is mandatory to go through the rites as the children reached adolescence and it symbolizes to cut down the six negative traits in the humans that includes greed, pride, intoxication, lust, wrath, and jealousy.

4. Gerewol Festival

While women are the symbol of grace and beauty, there is another tribe known for dressing up nicely and doing the makeups to attract the women of the group. The Wodaabe tribe who are mainly located in the Niger region celebrates the Gerewol festival by dressing up Gracely like the women.

The decorated men take part in the competition called Yaake where the best ones are those who also dance beside dressing up and will get the right to find their partner and marriage them.

5. Infant tossing

India is considered to be the place of plenty of religion and superstition practices. One such practice is tossing the infant from the height of 15-30 feet above the ground level. The group of people holds a big sheet are available just below to catch the toddler.

Although, this 700-year-old ritual was ban in 2011 but still practiced in many parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka states. Those facing difficulty with having the baby vow to drop the baby off the roof later on if blessed then.

6. Blackening bride/groom  

The pre-wedding rituals are always filled with the joy and fun but what about blackening both the bride and groom with the sticky material all over their body. This is done as a mandatory ritual in Scotland where the family members throw eggs, spoilt milk gusting things bride and groom and then they are paraded publicly.

The tradition is followed to prepare both the couples for the challenging life after the marriage. It is to prepare them for the upcoming marital problems afterward.

7. Bathroom Ban

Another weird practicing is banning the bathroom for the newly wedded couples in the northern Borne for the three days after the wedding. That means they are not allowed to use the bathroom for urinating, defecating or bathroom. The family members make sure that the couples eats or drinks a lesser amount. It is done to bring happiness in the life of couples.

Bathroom Ban custom
Bathroom Ban custom

8. Carrying pregnant wife over burning coal

In China, it is believed to uplift the pregnant wife and run over the burning coal so that the wife wouldn’t have to suffer the immense pain during the delivery and everything goes fine. The belief behind the ritual is also to make the men believe that women shouldn’t have the easy journey during those 9 months as they are going with the hormones change and undefinable pain.

9. Finger cutting

Although the death of the loved ones is the integral part, it is painful and filled with immense grief. But the emotional pain is not enough for the Dani tribe in Indonesia who practices the tradition of cutting the finger of the female members of the family of the dead person.

This is not enough as their faces are also covered with ashes and clay while attending the funeral. The practice is done to satisfy the ancestral ghosts by cutting the fingers.

10. Dancing with the dead bodies

The unique festival of Famadihana is celebrated in Madagascar every seven years where people opened up the crypts of their family members and danced by holding it after wrapping it another new cloth. They dance with live music and explained the importance of the dead people lying before them. Animals are also sacrificed and their meat is distributed among the family members.

The people also believe that unless the body is not decomposed completely, the ancestors are still there and communicate with them.

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