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Have you ever been conscious of any particular person or group while walking down through the street? Or wish to reach home sooner by sensing any danger nearby you? Or gets irritated with the stalking of bad boys? These are not the cases with only you as nearly every woman in their life have faced the same situation at least for once.

With no doubts, women have always been a soft target for crimes like rape, burglaries or even home invasions. We can’t change the attitude of others, but of course, we can be more bold and confident to avoid any threat roaming around us. We can fight back with the situations threatening our security and peace of mind.

So, follow these simple and valuable tips to avoid any threat to be safe and happy for your family and friends.

  1. Be attentive

Always keep yourself aware of your surroundings as this is the most important part of being secure and safe. You must be aware of the things happening around you to avoid any danger coming towards you. Keep a close look at those who are relentlessly throwing glimpses on you and try to maintain distance with them. Remember one thing that being active is good but being always insecure is not healthy.

2. Don’t be always on your phone

In today’s world, nearly more than half of your work gets done by your smartphone itself, but that doesn’t mean that you are always engaged with that. It is just a stupid excuse in case of any mishappening.

So, be smarter enough to use your phone in the right place and at the right time as it will not go anywhere. It is not necessary to give the replies even when you are walking on the road as the other person on the other side of the text can wait but not your safety.

3. Don’t leave your bag anywhere

You may be seriously in the middle of something else and doesn’t care about your belongings especially of your bag, but this carelessness may create a major problem in case of any theft.

Not only you will lose your money but all your personal information including your phone number or address which can put your safety at stake in future.

Always make a point to keep your belonging in front of your eyes as no matter how busy you are, you will easily recognize who is trying to touch that.

4. Set your boundaries and speak up

If the other person seems to be over-friendly or is making you uncomfortable, then don’t be afraid to stop them there itself and speak up boldly. It’s completely ok to set your boundaries and speak up as precautions are always better than the regrets. Everything is justified when your safety is at stake whether it is to try to teach a lesson to those with bad intention.

5. Don’t ignore your instinct

About 90 percent of the time, women are right when they feel something is wrong with a particular person, but the common problem they usually do is to ignore that intuition. So, if you don’t feel good for some person, don’t go to them alone. Even if some places appears to be weird to you, there is no need to visit there. Believe your instinct more than any other advice as no one better than can smell the threat roaming around you.

Strong gut feelings
Strong gut feelings

6. Keep pepper spray always

If you feel yourself landing up in any threat and nobody is there to protect you nearby, then pepper spray can turn out to be the real hero as you can immediately take it out from your handbag and use it for your self-defense. You can also use some chili powder in case of non-availability of pepper spray. Just use it against the person you feel threatening and run as fast as you can. It can easily be available in any medical or cosmetics shops.

7. Learn some self-defense activity

Learning any self-defense activity turns out to be an asset for you if you want to walk carefree anywhere and at any time as learning at least a self-defense activity will make you confident of protecting and fighting back the dangerous situation.

Learn it by attending any training classes nearby, or there are uncountable videos available on YouTube related to instant self-defense tactics.  

8. Never give up

The situation may turn out be most horrible sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that you will give up and sit silently. Even if you are wounded, struggle hard with the hope of being alive in the future. That may sound the worst phase but if you dare to fight back, it will surely pass by sooner, and you will again be safer. Without even trying, forget about the fact of being alive or safe in the future.

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