Social Media in depth: Good or Bad

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Social media is becoming an inseparable part of our life as we are advancing in the field of technology. Whether using it for your personal use or for promoting it for your business, social media is considered as the top priority across the globe. Hence, It is playing an important role in reshaping the present world.

However, as by the saying goes that there are always two sides of the coin – good or bad, the same goes fit with the usage of the social media. While it is considered as the revolution for the promotion of the business, it is also labelled as a topmost tool for increased cyber crimes. So, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of social media in our lives.


  1. Restore your relationship as it

You are away from your home or partner and missing them badly. The next step you would opt is to pick up our phone and try to communicate with them. Before the revolution of social media came, the source of communication was to either call or mail your loved ones but this is not the case now. You can also ping them with the video call to see them in the real-time and know their well-being even if your miles apart.

By providing such kinds of convenience, the social media platform is becoming an ultimate savior for many relationships in today’s world.

Better communication
Better communication

2. Communicate to anyone easily

You suddenly want to give a piece of information, and your phone calls are left unanswered but you want to inform the person. The best you can do is to drop a message and inform them.

No matter where you are sitting whether, at your home, school, college or workplace, you can easily connect to anyone and share your thoughts through the social media platform. It is considered as the best cost-effective medium of communication.

People are not far away anymore and easily connects for multiple purposes starting from extending the personal base or extending the business.

3. Keep updated with the world

Now you don’t have to switch on your television especially or subscribe to any particular news app for getting the heaps of the news as you can all do is to go to your social media site.

Social media is becoming another corner of providing accurate news with the engaging pictures and videos to save your time and make you updated with the rest to the world.

If you are regularly using the social media site, there is no point to be away with the world as every single minute, you will be able to see the information related to the latest news.

4. Business promotion

When anyone thinks of promoting their business, the first thought goes by publicising it in social media as they better know the huge target audience available there. You have to post the new updates of your business and make people aware of what all you are doing in any of the famous social media sites. This is considered as the cheapest and the best way to grow your business instantly without investing much.

5. Job creation

As the business grows on the social media sites, you need a team to handle it completely, and thus the origin of job creation will start from there. With the unexpected growth of social media marketing, there are specific courses available to educate the people about the proper tactics of moulding social media sites as the instrument of growing the business.

The perks of the job attached with the social media marketing are that you don’t have to rely on going to typical office space for the fixed timings and you can operate it comfortably by sitting at your home. With the right strategy, you can still be able to earn many bugs be being at your most comfortable zone.


  1. Risk of fraud

As the social media platform is open to all, there is no limitation of the number of people approaching you unexpectedly. Some might be your known while some appear to the unknown one. So, the risk starts with those who are unknown to you as it is difficult to know the true intention of the person talking to you.

Some might just want to talk to you casually and befriend you while some might be a threatening object for your security. With the advancement in the features of using social media sites, the frauds are also pacing up to a high level.

So, next time you open your social media sites, be sure with the privacy settings that will make you safe to a larger extent.

2. Wastage of time

It is always said that anything beyond the limit is dangerous, so do the usage of the social media sites which are almost a trap for anyone who doesn’t take it just for the refreshment while chatting or browsing something. A message pops out from someone special, and you stop your work for a while considering it more important. You started talking with that particular person and later on realized that you had wasted a quality time by engaging yourself for something which would matter for the present time but of course, not for the future.

This is the exact trap you have to understand. Considering it as a medium of communication is good but becoming an addict is not healthy for your personal growth.

Social Media misuse
Social Media misuse

3. Health issues or even death

In the world of social media, one thing may go viral within seconds and remain a craze for not more than a few days, but the people following it might take it personally. They started doing the same without having the proper knowledge.

In the case of dangerous stunts, it sometimes cost the life of the person in the worst situation besides undergoing health issues in other cases too.

With the immediate reach of the people of the social media sites, the people easily get fascinated by the viral videos without knowing the actual reality behind it.

4. Can degrade reputation within seconds

Social media medium is the ultimate platform to gain publicity throughout the world within a few minutes or hours. But remember that publicity is not always positive and might cost your career and personal life it turns out to be negative.

There are many incidents where the person got huge criticism for just one wrong act just because his story gets viral within seconds on the social media platform. So, make you active enough while passing on your personal information to anyone and don’t trust anyone suddenly.

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