How to Make your Mom and Dad Happy?

Parents proud

As you grow older and mature, you came to realize that there is no one better than your parents in this whole world and undoubtedly they are on the top of the list of your priority. So, why not try to make some extra efforts to be an ideal child and make them happy and proud of being your parents.

You have always seen your mom working tirelessly throughout the day without complaining to anyone. There are times when she is not well but tried her best not to let you sleep empty stomach or make things available to you at your hand. That is not the case with only to your mom, but your dad too gave up all his leisure just to give you a comfortable life.

Surely, you can’t weigh the price of all their sacrifices for you, but at least you can make them realize that they are very special to you. So, let’s just start and make some little effort in everyday’s life to make your mom and dad happy because of you.

1. Do well in your academics

If you are a younger champ and is going to school or college, make sure to do your best in your academics as your mom and dad are really earning hard to make you educated and successful in life.

Even if you are an average kid, then try to put your maximum to make them feel proud and their sacrifices worthy. However, if you are facing any difficulty in the academics then speak up openly to them as they will surely try to understand your efforts and will guide you accordingly.

2. Help them with the chores

Surely, you will not be able to do all the home chores by yourself as you have heaps of work to do, but at least you can make an effort to help your parents to give hands in smaller things like helping in the kitchen, serving the food, asking them if they need anything while eating. All these small but significant efforts will them happy and they will feel that you actually care about them.

Helping in chores
Helping in chores

3. Listen them and try to understand

It is pretty obvious to contradict in some of the issues with your parents, but there is a way to reply them as you should understand that their ultimate concern is to protect you or make you successful by any means. So, When they are giving you some pieces of advice, try to understand the logic behind it as they are more experienced than you.

So, there is no point of simply arguing in everything they say and try to accept in case you agree with them but in case of conflict of the views, don’t make the silly mistake of making your voice loud.

4. Respect them

No matter how harsh your parents may sound sometimes but there is no justification of disrespecting them. The situations may turn sour between you and your parents, but that doesn’t mean you will say anything to them. So, instead of raising your voice or emitting out the frustration to them, try to calm yourself and say it politely.

Spend time with them to know what they actually need from you and try to fulfill that at your best. Help them in the house and follow what they are guiding to you. If they don’t like you to do certain things in the home, then try to avoid them to show your respect towards them.

5. To give space

With no doubts, your parents have spent plenty of years raising you and don’t get the quality time to be together alone. So, it’s your responsibility to give them a healthy space as they will never ask straightly to do that. Whenever you find your parents talking to each other or watching TV, let them be alone and get yourself away from there for some time.

Let them relax in the way they wish to be together as only a happy parent will be able to raise the happy and prosperous kids in the future.

6. Make them your buddy

Remember that like the way you want your close friends to stay around always and share your problems frequently, the same your parents wish to be. If you find your parents in any kind of problems, sit with them and try to ask what is the matter. The chances are that they will hide their problems in front of them as they don’t want to put any burden on you, but you have to show your concern for them and to cheer them up for sharing any kind of problems.

7. Call them regularly

If you are not living with your parents, then call them daily to know how they are doing. Don’t wait for the spare time to call them and instead spare your time especially to know what they are doing or is there is any problem you can help out. You never know that your one call will brighten their day and make them feel happy by knowing that they have someone who really cares about them.

calling your parents
calling your parents

8. Give them gifts

There are several occasions when you can gift anything to your parents whether it is their birthdays, anniversary or father’s or mother’s day. Receiving gifts makes everyone happy and so your parents.

Don’t worry about the price range of the gifts because all that matter at the end is to show that you actually love them and want to keep them happy. Be it their favorite clothes or making their favorite food, everything means a lot to them.

9. Hang out like friends

Hanging out with your friends is one of the most enjoyable things to do but taking your parents out and having fun with them will give you immense peace. Seeing them smiling because of you is not less than achieving a milestone for you. So, next time if you plan any trip with your parents, do ask them where they wish to go. Accompany them and spend a memorable time together as you will surely value it later.

10. Apologies when you misbehave

There are certain situations when you lose your temper or pass out your frustration to your parents. Obviously, you can’t go back to the past and change anything, but at least you can apologize for your inappropriate behavior. Parents are not expecting you to be perfect always but to be honest and respectful towards them.

So, be mature and never show ego to your parents because in no way you are equal to them and will never be. Being able to put your opinion in the polite manner is completely ok but raising your views aggressively will never be justified.

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