True ways to Love yourself

Love yourself

I know it sounds crazy when someone says, “I am the favorite person of mine” but trust me it is the best way to love yourself. You may find several people around you who are frustrated with their present condition and want to change the way they are living now or complain that they don’t have everything they deserve in life.

All these situations arise because instead of investing in yourself, everyone is busy to criticize others and end up being disappointed with their own life. Stop pointing others and starts introspecting yourself as there are still a lot more to explore within you. So, try to follow some of the advice listed below and see a positive change in your life.

  1. What you want in life

This is the first but the most important step in the process of loving yourself as you should know what do you want in life among the several options available around you.

The more you listen to yourself and understand your views, the less likely you will get frustrated or angry soon. Loving yourself is not that easy task, but a mandatory one to be happy and satisfied always.

2. Your thoughts are just thoughts- not reality

Nearly 70 percent of our thoughts are nothing but the fear or negative outcomes which will never turn to be in reality. Of course, they are necessary to make us secure, but that doesn’t mean they will eat up all our positive thoughts too.

So, try to push yourself more to the positive side than flowing easily to the negative side as it will help you more to be your own inspiration rather than depending on anyone others.

3. Care yourself daily

Do you ever care about yourself just the same way you do care about your parents or your best friend? Do you ever forgive yourself simply for doing something wrong? I guess the answer is no because you might not have thought in that way earlier.

Self Care
Self Care

So, make yourself a priority is healthy and will make you happier rather than sticking to other’s happiness always. The best you can do is to Sleep appropriately, eat healthy food, do exercise regularly, avoid toxic thoughts and people around you and do what fascinates you more.

4. Surround yourself with the right people

It is rightly said that your situation either makes you or breaks you. So, it is very important to surround yourself with the positive and inspiring people around you rather than the ones that put you down and make you feel about yourself.

We are influenced mainly by the people we spend our most time with. Hence, make a habit of ignoring the wrong ones and befriending the right one for your good mental health.

5. Accept the pain

There is always a bright and sunny morning after a dark night. Likewise, life is all about ups and down. If you are facing any trouble in the present, try to hope for the brighter future as the things will surely get better with the passing time.

However, this is not the actual case as we accept the pain more intensely and cries over it again and again instead of focussing more for the solutions. Try to embrace the peace first rather than complaining about the pain received.

6. Spill out toxic beliefs

Our perspective in life creates us in the path of discovering and loving yourself. It becomes a mandatory task to spill out all those toxic beliefs that makes you cripple. You have to understand one thing for sure that the present will not always be the same and to be successful in life, and you’re going to feel a few uncomfortable situations.

Other negative thoughts often come to your mind is that being alone will make you sad but how can you love yourself when you don’t like spending time with yourself.

Emit out toxic thoughts
Emit out toxic thoughts

7. Take criticism positively

As you start liking yourself, the chances are that people might get offended with many of your activities, but you have to be positive even at that condition. They will point you for several things and will give you different opinion but summing up all your courage and presence of mind, ignore all those and love what you really wanted from life.

The right one will always hold your hand and try to understand. So, don’t worry about all those critics and fill yourself with the positive energy always.

8. It’s high time to step out from your comfort zone

Yes, it is the right time to step out from your comfort zone as no progress in life is made being inside it. For that, you don’t have to do something very hard or struggling. You have to make a short list of all those things that scare you even if it is the smaller one. Then, overcoming each of them will make you a confident, and you will start believing in yourself.

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