10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationship

How well do you know about the true signs of a healthy relationship? Is there are some particular criteria to define it? No, of course not as the most flawless things are the most satisfying one and there are no strict rules to stick.

Everyone dreams of an ideal relationship which gives happiness in return and doesn’t take much from you. Thus, if you are already in love or finding a perfect partner, make sure that you are not losing some of the positive points mentioned below.

1. Laughing together frequently

Being happy and laughing together frequently is just like the icing in the cake as you enjoy the company of your partner. No matter you are going with the ups and down, but those who genuinely love each other will always make a point to forget everything and act as nothing happens at all.

Sharing random thoughts instantly and some funny moments together will always cherish your relationship and bring you both closer to each other.

2. Give some space

With no doubts, you like to spend the quality time with your partner, but that doesn’t mean that you will have to spend every moment together. There should be other priorities too like your family, friends and career opportunities.

Focusing on other things besides engaging happily with your partner will refresh your relationship every time you meet up. Giving a little space is the best thing you can do for growing as a couple.

3. Engage in usual non-sexual touch

According to a research, couples often overlooked the importance of the usual physical touch rather than having sexual intimacy. But this is not the reality as the couples who are engaged in showing the other physical acts like hugging, kissing, cuddling or massage tends to be more happier and satisfied. They don’t especially look for the moment to show their affection and instead create it unexpectedly.

Sweet romance
Sweet romance

4. Keep past in the past

Arguments are normal in a relationship as the couples may sound contradictory to each other’s views. Don’t worry about that but the point is not to stick with it longer and willing to let go of the things by putting down all the grudges.

It is ok to be ahead with your point and listen to the next person also but taking the fights for longer and sprouting it even later on some other time is not at all good for a healthy relationship.

5. Sharing the darker side

Besides sharing all your affection towards each other, there comes the situations where you open up more to your partner by sharing your darker side. Those moments strengthen your bond when your partner is more understanding, and you will land up into the deeper connection with you. Sharing ideas is ordinary but sharing your emotions and feeling is just another level shared with a good partner in a healthy relationship.

6. Still say Please and Thank you  

Little things are ignored often as the relationship grows older, but that surely makes a big difference to flourish your love life. Saying Please and Thank you is among them as it doesn’t cost much to say but shows your appreciation for your partner.

Saying thanks at times when they help you with any work gives a small smile on their face that obviously returns as the satisfaction for you.

7. Supports each other’s opportunity for career growth

A happy couple is the one who stands as the backbone of each other whenever the situations turn negative. The evidence shows that if your partner actively supports your decisions taken for the career, then the relationship will go for long. By doing so, you both will also grow as an individual which makes you more satisfied and happier.

The right partner knows that your happiness lies by following your passion in life and supports accordingly. They can go to any extent to make you successful and content.

sharing darker side
sharing darker side

8. Pay less attention to other attractive people

As you are more into your relationship, you pay less attention to the attractive people surrounding you. Yes, this is the reality as the committed person tends to be more occupied in the thought of their loved ones rather than noticing the people nearby you.

Love in itself has the defensive power to engage you with your partner. You are more interested to know what your partner is doing rather than being curious to know about the people sitting beside you.

9. Treat each other with kindness

The chances are that you may not like some habits of your partner or gets irritated, but that doesn’t mean to fight always making it a point. A happy couple understands that bad habits are not something which could be changed suddenly and they show kindness to their partner instead of complaining always.

Ignoring the bad habits even if you don’t like is an act of true care you show to your loved ones. Things never change when you are going harsh to the one you love but surely do if you show your empathy and kindness.

10. Talk to each other rather to others

It is pretty obvious that problems arising between you won’t be solved until you sit and discuss with a positive mind. The common mistake people usually do is to discuss it with their friends rather than to their partner. A good partner understands the difference and is ready to solve the things even after a major fight just to be with the one they truly love.

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