How to Balance Professional and Personal life?


Balancing your personal and professional life is not an easy task to do and often most of the students and professionals admit that their work is affecting their personal life. They also confess that their work pressure is creating a heap of stress and sometimes it gets worse. Thus, it can be avoided by proper planning and managing all the things at once.

  1. Be Clear with your Priorities

The first and foremost task to do before managing your personal and professional life is to set your priorities and be clear with that. It can be done by making a list of all those things that matter in your life. After getting the list of most important items which includes your family, friends, love or career, you can number them accordingly. Numbering will avoid any confusion that might come in case of urgent situations.

To make sure with the changing priorities in the future, do update that list once in a week or a month.

2. Manage your Time Well

After setting all your priorities, try to manage your time well. It can be done by making yourself in mind first. There should be separate time assigned for both your work and personal life. In today’s digital world, you can also carry out all the professional activities by sitting at your home, but that obviously needs a separate space and time.

So, be sure to pick a specific spot and time for work if you are doing it at your home to avoid any disturbance or waste of your time. In case of working at the traditional office space, try to be fixed with the timings to spare your time for your family or friends. The relaxing time will energize you further for the next work and avoid any frustration in between.

Relax for a while

3. Make a Schedule and Be Determined

In case to avoid any kind of confusion between the work whether personal or professional, make a schedule and be determined with that. Like, set three jobs to be done professionally throughout the day and three works likewise in personal life.

Making a schedule and completing it at the end of the day will make you more productive and encourage you to do add up more in the list for the next day.

4. Overcome Distractions

As per the research, people spend almost two hours in a day handling unplanned distractions. Such distractions affect both your personal and professional lives. To avoid all such distractions try to follow some of the following tips.

  • Turn off the notifications of your phone and keep it aside
  • Make your space clean and clutter-free
  • Close all the programs you are not currently using
  • Take small refreshment breaks to avoid any physical interruptions

5. Be Careful with your Health

It is very common to avoid health while being occupied in work at school, college or office. Neglecting your health in the present can cost you bigger in the future as the health downfall will skip your work ultimately for a longer time.

To avoid any health issues, try to involve yourself in some physical activities like playing any sport, routine exercises, jogging or visiting the gym. Besides carrying out physical activities, maintain a healthy balance in daily meals, sleep and hobbies.

6. Avoid Delaying

Delaying your work by looking at the clock or the days left ends you up hurrying at the last moment and leads to the mixing of personal and professional lives. Thus, all you can start doing is to begin stretching up the office hours or delaying the work due to personal reasons.

To avoid all such situations, try to overcome delay by simply giving excuses of more time left whether it will be any professional or personal work. Try to complete the task in time or break the larger projects into the smaller one to increase the motivation for the smaller portion.

7. Say ‘No’ Politely

Try to say ‘no’ politely to all such task you find out less productive and more time-consuming. However, instead of saying direct no, say it with other ways like “see I understand your request and it also seems to be a good opportunity but”, “Sorry, I have many deadlines in nearby future” or “This is something out of my expert area.”

8. Be Creative

Irrespective of how hard you try to spare your time from work and spend it on personal life, you always land up in spending lesser time with the family. So, try to be creative in such situations and make the best out of the spare time left for the personal life.

For example, instead of having the routine dinner, you can plan a candlelight dinner with your other half and watching a movie with the family. You can also schedule a picnic with the family on the weekends.  

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